Methode permettant d'obtenir un haut niveau d'expression de la forme active de fusions du recepteur de la lymphotoxine-beta et d' une immunoglobuline, et leur purification

Verfahren zur hoher expression der aktiven form von lymphotoxin-beta-rezeptor-immunglobulin fusionsproteinen, und deren reinigung

A method for the high level expression of the active form of lymphotoxin-beta receptor immunoglobulin fusion proteins and their purification


L"invention concerne une méthode qui permet d"obtenir un haut niveau d"expression de protéines chimères immunoglobulines actives réceptrices de la lymphotoxine-bêta. L"invention concerne également une méthode purification desdites protéines.
The invention relates to methods for the expression of high yields of the form protein-immunoglobulin fusions having high affinity binding to its ligand, by culturing hosts transformed with DNA encoding the desired fusions in a cultutre system at a low temperature thereby minimizing the amount of misfolded or misbridged protein forms. Said host cells may be transformed mammalian, insect, yeast or bacterial cells. The protein-immunoglobulin fusion may comprises a member of the TNF or TNF-receptor family, such as lymphotoxin-beta or lymphotoxin-beta receptor. The invention also relates to pharmaceutical composition comprising said protein-immunoglobulin fusions.




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